I don’t know about you all but my parents constantly harp on me to go on more dates. And I usually smile and nod and tell them I am dating enough. But after some of these conversations I started to wonder why I wasn’t going on more dates. The first answer I came up with was that I have a great group of friends and if given the option to spend my time on a date, with someone I don’t know, or sharing a bottle of wine with my girlfriends, I choose my friends. But I do enjoy meeting new people and I love to explore my city so I knew I should be dating more. After more thought, I realized that the major reason I wasn’t going on more dates was the process of getting to the date.

Combing through profiles, laboring over an introductory email, or messaging for weeks before meeting in person … it’s so much work! The messages rarely gave me a true sense of the person and whether or not we would have real chemistry. And the dates always involved a bar. I complained to my friends that I wish I could bypass it all, meet in person, and do activities that I wanted to do anyway. With all of the dating apps and services available, none actually helped you after you made a “match.” After talking about it with my friends, we thought why wait for the next app, lets build it ourselves. Susan took the leap, and numerous friends have helped out in so many ways. We identified the key pain points in dating, explored more exciting date options, and tried to create an app that lets you focus on the fun.

Less than nine months later, on Leap Day, our app was approved for launch!

Now all you have to do is tell us what kind of date you’re interested in – adventure, culture, a drink – swipe yes to someone who sparks your interest, and we do the rest. We find the time you’re both free. We come up with the unique date idea. You find out quickly if there is real in person chemistry.

We hope you’ll come take the leap with us!